About us

Innotalentum is an innovative high profile selecton consultancy, specialized in the detection and attraction of scientific-technological talent. We strongly believe that innovation, talent and productivity are concepts to be exploited and interiorized by those organizations that want to play according to the rules of the current environment. We collaborate with other platforms that are closely linked to the world of innovation and technological development; therefore, we are the best consulting agency focused on the recruitment of scientific-technological talent.

Our main goal is todetect and accompany these very sensitive talents to their incorporation in the labour world and integrate their potential for a better competitiveness among companies.


Our frame action


The professionals with talent are those who transform y reinvent their environment. In the so called neweconomy change management, uncertainty management and opportunity management via creative solutions can determine the success or failure of projects. From the district 22@, the expert team of Innotalentum works with the value the persons contribute as well as with the value to integrate them into a professional environment suitable to their profile. Our portfolio ofclients is formed by companies specialized in the sectors of Media Techonologies, Multimedia, Energy, Information and Communications Technology, Pharmacy; sectors in which the technological advance makes their differential value.



Fields of Expertise


Own methodology

  • Our methodology is based on a sequence of interviews (tests and role plays) with the candidates. This leads to the establishment of the scientific-technological potential with its skills concentrated on management and entrepreneurial vision, obtaining the Potential Professional Talent (PPT).

Project “Nursery for Talent”

  • Integration of the most outstanding candidates.

Project “Women, science technology and talent”

  • Integration of women with a high added-value in the business system of a scientific and technological environment.

Analysis of the Systemic Talent

  • Evaluations of potentials
  • Talent maps
  • Route Maps of development
  • Organizational reengineering

Integration and management of the Systemic Talent

  • Change management
  • Management by competences
  • Atmosphere analysis
  • Conflict management, training for mediators and negotiators

    Achieving loyalty of the Systemic Talent

  • Coaching, Training and team motivation
  • Empowerment
  • Skills management
  • Internal communication