Now we are hiring a Senior Researcher in Electrochemical Modelling (batteries and supercap)
& Integration (EV and electrical grid):

Primary functions related are:

 To create test plans and conducting battery tests for both know technologies (e.g. lithium ion,
lead acid) and emerging system (e.g. LiS, Al-Ion…).
 To process test data to generate steady-state and dynamical models, identify model
parameters, and implement various model-based algorithms in different test platforms to
evaluate their performance.
 To design new model corresponding to new emerging system and electrochemistries
 To technically participate to the proposition of new direct tenders with companies or collaborative projects at both national and European level

Education and job requirements:

Background related to the position:
 Battery testing and data analysis.
 Current technologies: Supercapacitor, lithium ion, emerging technology such as LiS, LiO2, Al-
Ion, flow cell.
 MSc in electrochemistry/chemistry or PhD with experience specific to the field.
 Good experience in advanced control theory including linear/nonlinear system modeling and
model identification, and state observer design and tuning
 Experience of hardware development and programming of real-time test beds for verification
of real time algorithms

Background related to the field:
 Relevant experience in an electrochemical laboratory and concrete experience in battery
modelling or integration.
 Knowledge relating to material and concept for energy storage technologies (Solid state,
advanced Li-Ion, Al-Air/Ion, LiO2, LiS) and supercapacitors
 Good electrical or mechanical engineering background to understand impact of load profiles
on battery performance
 Experience in electrified vehicle or/and stationary application
 Experience with CAN networks and tools (Canalyzer, Canape, etc.)
 Experience with system engineering tools (SysML, MagicDraw, etc.)

 English is required. Working daily language is mostly Spanish. Additional language will be
Computer sciences:
 Experience in implementing various numerical methods for
nonlinear optimization and nonlinear function root finding
(MATLAB, C, VBA, simsCAP, simulink…)

 High level of mathematical and advanced analytical interpretation capabilities
 Organized, proactive, oriented to team working and also self-reliant, able to generate new
concepts and take decisions by his/her own. Strong analytical and creative skills are mostly
 Able to generate new ideas such as investigation line or solving issue by his/her own
 Management both of people and projects is a plus.

What we offer:
 Immediate start
 Salary related to skills and background
 Flexible working hours