Now we are hiring a Senior Researcher Specialist in electrolyte:

Primary functions:

  • Managing projects and people
  • Creating test plans and conducting battery tests for both known technologies and emerging system
  • Creating test plans and conducting tests for electrochemical systems in general (corrosion, electroplating, electro-leaching, metal/mineral/plastic separation…)
  • To technically participate to the elaboration of propositions for new direct tenders with companies or collaborative projects at both national and European level


Education and job requirements:

  • Strong technical knowledge in electrolyte and interface for electrochemical system
  • Battery testing and data analysis.
  • Technologies: Supercapacitor, lithium ion, solid state, LiS, LiO2, Al-Ion, flow cell.
  • MSc degree in electrochemistry/chemistry or PhD with experience specific to the field.


Professional experience

  • At least 3 years in industry o private technological center
  • Relevant experience in an electrochemical laboratory and concrete experience related to electrolyte.
  • Knowledge relating to material and concept for energy storage technologies (Solid state, Advanced Li-Ion, Al-Air/Ion, LiO2, LiS, solid state) and supercapacitors
  • Knowledge on battery manufacturing is a plus
  • Experience in electrified vehicle or/and stationary application is a plus



  • Organized, proactive, oriented to team working and also self-reliant, able to generate new concepts and take decision by his/her own. Strong analytical and creative skills are mostly recommended.
  • Able to generate new ideas such as investigation line or solving issue by his/her own
  • Management both of persons and projects is a plus.


Languages: English is required. Working daily language is mostly Spanish. Additional language will be valued.

Software: Basic (Microsoft Pack Office and Laboratory software, EC-lab.)

What we offer

  • Immediate incorporation, salary according to skills and background, hours flexible working day